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Why I Teach: Discovering The Healing Power of Dance

From Engineering to Ballroom Dance

In a world where I was meant to be an engineer, I found my true calling not in calculations and prototypes, but in the rhythmic steps of ballroom dance. A casual suggestion from a friend turned into a meeting with a studio owner, a meeting that reshaped my destiny. She spoke of fun, energy, and most importantly, transformative life experiences through dance. The idea of dance fostering physical, mental, and spiritual healing resonated with my innate drive to help people, and this powerful realization swept me onto a dance floor I never planned to tread.

Photo of the blog author in a dance studio, signaling the start of his journey into ballroom dance teaching.
My journey from engineer to ballroom dance teacher began here.

Embracing Change, Fostering Growth

Teaching dance is a journey of discovery, for me and my students. I believe in providing an environment free of judgment, where mistakes are stepping stones, not stumbling blocks. "This is going to be uncomfortable for a few minutes while we learn this, but we will get it." This phrase, repeated often in my studio, serves as a reminder that growth often comes through discomfort and that perfection isn't a prerequisite for progress.

The Healing Power of Dance

Our studio is a sanctuary for individuals from all walks of life - men, women, couples, LGBT individuals, athletes, stroke survivors, and people across the ideological spectrum. One memory that stands out from my journey is the ballroom dance class I created for Stroke Survivors in partnership with Dignity Health of Chandler Hospital. Witnessing a gentleman, bound by his wheelchair, regain the ability to dance with his wife was a testament to the healing power of dance.

Photo of a dance class specially designed for stroke survivors, with the blog author teaching.
Dance as healing therapy: Our special class for stroke survivors.

The Uniqueness of Ballroom Dance

Ballroom dance is unique; it's about partnership and presence. It demands complete immersion in the moment, a release of past and future concerns. This grounding experience in the here and now is part of what makes dance a powerful instrument of healing.

Transformation Through Dance

Our studio fosters an environment that encourages self-discovery and exploration of different sides of personalities. We have seen people transform through dance - like the once-reserved woman who is now one of our warmest community members. This magic is what I strive to spread further.

Before-and-after photo of a student, showcasing the transformative power of dance in her life.
Transformative power of dance: From uncertainty to confidence.

My Vision for the Future

My dream for the future is to expand the healing reach of dance, to let more people experience this beautiful form of self-expression, growth, and transformation.

Invitation to Experience Dance

So if you have been pondering whether to learn dance, now is the time to try. Come, join us for a free class, and experience the transformative power of dance for yourself. You can sign up for a class here. Discover if dance can become your joy, your healing, your journey, just like it became mine.

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